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  • Momodou Ceesay, Africa Awakens, 2011

  • Momodou Ceesay, Ancestors, 2011

  • Momodou Ceesay, Mother of Kenyaci, 2012

  • Momodou Ceesay, No longer at Ease, 2012

  • Momodou Ceesay, The Prisoner of conscience, 2011

  • Momodou Ceesay, Kepper of the Record, 2011

  • Momodou Ceesay, Kepper of the Record, 2011

  • Momodou Ceesay, Flight of Fancy, 2011

  • Momodou Ceesay, The Guide, 2011

Momodou Ceesay

Where I was From

As an African artist, my work reflects the richness of my culture; but over and beyond that it seeks to articulate that universal yearning for truth, justice, and equality, common to all peoples and all cultures.

I try to add my share to the school of art that believes the intrinsic value of art is not based on concerns of color, style, movement, or abstract deconstructionism alone, but in its contribution to the uplifting of the human spirit.

I quietly listen to the rushing breeze to give an ear to those who came before me, to those whose voices I see and hear, as they beseech me to speak for them.

I ask you how can I, as I lean to grasp that brush and approach my canvas, ignore the misery around me, the oppression, and the cries for freedom? The plea for redemption is everywhere on the African continent. Nor can the cries coming from the ghettos of America be ignored.

My art therefore is not only to display the beauty of our environment, of our culture, but to also reflect on the deep chaos, confusion and the search for meaning in contemporary human existence.

For me, the artist has an undying love for humanity and may therefore be resolved to lend his or her voice to fight against injustice, to seek the truth where others are afraid to, and to serve as a beacon light for justice and equality. He or she must be fierce in that endeavor.

The artwork is a living testimony that the contemporary African artist’s work can indeed reflect on the condition of the African continent and her people in the Diaspora; that art can not only be art for art’s sake, it can also articulate the yearning of an entire people  for peace and social justice.

Major Works