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  • IKÉ UDÉ Sartorial Anarchy #2, 2010 HAT: Ottoman era inspired onion-hat made with West African fabric SHIRT: Oversized shirt collar worn over regular shirt CAPE: Hooded cape with slit-armhole BOW-TIE: Bow-tie used as brooch FLOWER: A rose GLASS: La

  • IKÉ UDÉ Sartorial Anarchy #6, 2013 HAT: Boater (contemporary/classic) with rose flower, 2005 FAN: Oversized Chinese fan, (contemporary/classic), 2007 SUIT: Seersucker suit, (contemporary/classic), 20th century NECKWEAR: Black continental bow-tie,

  • IKÉ UDÉ Sartorial Anarchy #12, 2013 HAIR: Stylized Ram horn inspired hairstyle GLASSES: Contemporary/classic glasses, 2010 NECKWEAR: Men‚ Jabot white cotton organdy, 18th century and a Victorian red stickpin cravat SUIT: Harlequin suit, 19th cent

  • IKÉ UDÉ Sartorial Anarchy #15, 2013 TURBAN: Blue taffeta turban in the classic Arab-Egyptian style TIE: Vintage tie, circa 1970s SHIRT: Classic French cuff shirt and blue-gold cufflinks, 1999 OUTERWEAR: 19th century, Chinese men’s floral gown TR

  • IKÉ UDÉ Sartorial Anarchy #17, 2013 HAT: Fez/Turkey SHIRT: British dress-shirt, 1900s to present BOWTIE: 1970s, United States JACKET: Tuxedo jacket, United States, 1970s SKIRT: Fabric, Mali; Worn in the West African, Indian/Asian men‚ traditional

  • IKÉ UDÉ Sartorial Anarchy #4, 2010 HAT: A boater with flowers for Fourth of June, (inspired by the traditional Eton/ Oxford College boat-race celebration for Queen and Country, started in 1829, held annually since 1856) COAT: Green Afghanistan trad

  • IKÉ UDÉ Sartorial Anarchy #21, 2013 HAT: Bowler hat hugged by Octopus SHIRT: Contemporary/classic white shirt, 2012, United States BOUTONNIERE: Contemporary/classic boutonniere, 2007, United States TIE: Wool collegiate/rep tie, 2002, United States

  • IKÉ UDÉ Sartorial Anarchy #20, 2013 HEAD GEAR: Vintage/1930s Rawlings PL50 Boxing Wrestling Hockey Helmet Head Gear and Doctor Surgical style scrub cap, 2013 DRESS/GOWN: Traditional Chinese men‚ dress 18th century to present (as worn in the movie

  • IKÉ UDÉ Sartorial Anarchy #24, 2013 COLLAR/CUFF: European men‚ruff-collar, 16th century HAIR: Partial to the Indian sub-continent style SASH: New Masonic Scottish Rite 32 Degree Master of the Royal Secret Regalia Sash DRESS: Indian sub-contine

  • IKÉ UDÉ Sartorial Anarchy #30, 2013 HEAD-PIECE: Turkish, Ottoman era to present; reproduction, 2011 2nd HEAD PIECE: A skullcap, 1501, worn underneath Turkish hat; a reproduction after the Portrait of Doge Leonardo Loredan by Giovanni Bellini SHIRT:

  • IKÉ UDÉ Sartorial Anarchy #31, 2013 HAIR STYLE: Pharaoh Ramses II hairstyle, 1279-1213 BC STOOL: Vintage Bar-stool, United States, circa 1960s/70s STATUE: Ancient Egypt, the Head of a Statue of Amenhotep III (1388-1348 BC) Re-Carved for Ramses II B

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