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Emeka Ogboh

LOS-HEL [a tale of 2 cities]

LOS – HEL (Lagos – Helsinki) is a collaborative sound project between Nigerian sound artist Emeka Ogboh and Finnish composer Ilpo Jauhiainen, inspired by the spring of 2011 when Lagos ‘invaded’ the sonic scape of Helsinki on the auspices of the ARS11 exhibition. This collaboration is taking place in this spirit of sharing local and global memories. LOS – HEL is a multi track compilation that combines soundscapes, music and conversations to create an auditory experience of the two cities. The project will be showcased as an exhibition of the compilation, installed in a Lagos Danf o (The Danfo is the most popular means of public trans portation in Lagos). The danf o will f eature control panel consoles that allows ‘passengers’ in the bus select the various tracks to listen to over an earphone.
Major Works