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Tahir Karmali

Jua Kali

Jua Kali in swahili language means “fierce sun”, it's reference to the informal labourers that worked under the hot sun. Jua Kali is a series of portraits where the artistes mixed conceptual photography and installation. This project it was created very organically simply by merging people and objects the artist encounter everyday in the streets of Nairobi.  Nairobi is the source and root of inspiration and identity for the artist. Jua Kali as the series developed, it became more about developing and aesthetic for the series.

It’s hard to define what the “Jua Kali” world anymore - the term has become more broad. These people are all creatives and self made in industries that haven’t yet been completely formalizes.

Tahir Karmali has been selected for the exhibition Making Africa at the Vitra Design Museum.“It is an honor to contribute to the conversation about design from Africa. More over I am happy to  represent my country”.


Major Works