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  • Ifeanyi Oganwu Double Agent Chair (frontal)

  • Ifeanyi Oganwu Ren

  • Ifeayi Oganwu Splice

Ifeanyi Oganwu

Double Agent Suite – Splice – Ren

Double Agent Suite
An extraordinary iteration of a traditional office chair and desk, Double Agent Suite is designed to simplify the workflow of a 21st century executive. Double Agent Desk has two separate winged surfaces that accentuate aerodynamics and micro-scalar surface treatments. Expansive yet intimate, the desk is marked by a range of layers and elevations joined by a central storage hub with cavities for cable management. While in Double Agent Chair, fluidity is a key formal characteristic that informs its con tours and details for overall comfort. Formed from a dynamic system, the chair can be customized to fit a variety of size specifications that include a low armchair and a high barstool. Double Agent Suite was made in the UK in conjunction with specialists from the art, aerospace and automotive industries. The chair and desk are formed of composite materials and are lightweight with a metallic black finish. The works synthesize conceptual underpinnings and advanced manufacturing pract ices and encourage the user to transcend the ordinary by entering into a post-lubricious landscape where anything is possible.
Splice intersects the worlds of handicraft and digital design methodologies, assembling 6 primary aluminium panels that are hand formed over a CNC-milled 3D template. The resulting surfaces and curvatures create a broad range of d istinct reflective zones and distortions over a very compact volume.The design is charact erized by a sweeping form that simultaneously embraces the user positioned on its concave elevation, whilst creating a dissection by means of a blade-like vertical hori zon line originating at its rear. This vertical blade transitions into distinct horizontal wave forms on each side elevation, creating structural forces that synthesize form, function and surface flow. Further to marking the transition between the blade and waves by blurred surfaces in motion, the contours of the upper surface are highlighted by apertures that serve multiple purposes. By opening into the void within the shell structure they create a lighter construct and uniquely juxtapose a highly reflective exterior with the void of the interior surface. Additionally, the apertures act as grips for handling the work and enhance the acoustic experience of the form, dampening the throbbing sounds usually associated with metal. Originating after 2 years of research and development involving the intricacies of manipulating multi-curved sheet metal, it is a fine example of “engineered craft”.
Rendenies the distinction between tabletop and base while homogenizing each component into a species that hovers precariously, oblivious to its function. It varies in thickness and is marked by unexpected twists, bulges, and detailing on the underside. The design animates the stone and strikes harmonic balances throughout its luminous surface. The table articulates the relationship between form and material performance and emphasizes adaptability. Ren is sculpted from a single block of exquisite White Carrara marble using cutting-edge CNC milling technol ogy and is later hand-finished by artisans who use time-honoured processes unique to the Carrara region.

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