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Sesu Tilley-Gyado

Afristoria: Time Reimagined

Afristoria: Time Reimagined : A photographic exhibition within the Afristoriaseries.

Archival photographs of 19th  Century Lagos are ‘Re-Imagined’ in Present time: in colour and on the fictional covers of Time magazine.

 What is Afristoria:

Afristoria is a multimedium body of work by conceptual artist Sesu Tilley-Gyado that depicts often unknown 19th Century African historical narratives. These narratives are expressed through various contemporary mediums: literary fiction, reconstructed photography, non-fiction, film, prints, installations, and music.

                                      Afristoria: Time Reimagined

Medium: Reconstructed archival Photography. C-type matte, snow-white conservation mount in an ebony Italian wood grain frame, 33 x 25 inches (each), limited edition of 5

Project: “With Afristoria: Time Reimagined  I have re-imaged / re-imagined a past that is present, and a historic slice of Africa that is global.

I wanted to tell the story of Lagos’ multicultural origins- its melting pot 19th Century where Yoruba kings, British colonials , and tens of thousands of Brazilians, Cubans, and Creoles (descendants of slaves) coexisted in Lagos.

I wanted to tell this story in colour, in a modern, edgy way- precisely everything that typical archival footage of 19th Century Africa does not afford.”

Major Works