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Pwavidon Mathias

Pwavidon Mathias is a visual artist who uses the subtractive method to recount the history of his people and his country. His 2010 work, The Chronicles of Nzeanzo and Won, a folktale originating in Numa in Adamawa state, uses a heptaptyc series etched on scraperboard to depict a classic tale of good overcoming evil. Mathias began experimenting with various artistic methods at the age of 26 while studying at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. He eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and has since been using his work as a way of discussing the social chaos and challenges of his surroundings. 

Since returning to Nigeria from South Africa Mathias has been working on a new body of work, inspired by the Dadaism movement of the early 20th  century.

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