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  • Momodou Ceesay, Africa Awakens, 2011

  • Momodou Ceesay, Ancestors, 2011

  • Momodou Ceesay, Mother of Kenyaci, 2012

  • Momodou Ceesay, No longer at Ease, 2012

  • Momodou Ceesay, The Prisoner of conscience, 2011

  • Momodou Ceesay, Kepper of the Record, 2011

  • Momodou Ceesay, Kepper of the Record, 2011

  • Momodou Ceesay, Flight of Fancy, 2011

  • Momodou Ceesay, The Guide, 2011

  • Where I was From

Momodou Ceesay

Momodou Ceesay was born in Banjul, the capital of The Gambia, in West Africa. His early education was received in Banjul, but in his teens he was granted a number of scholarships to study abroad, at Suffield Academy and Wesleyan University in Connecticut. In 1970, he received a Bachelor's Degree from that University, having majored in languages and literature. He has also received Diplomas from the University de Poitiers in Tours, and La Sorbonne in Paris, both in France, for studies of the French language and literature. After graduation, Momodou decided to pursue a talent that had remained buried underneath the various distractions of youth; He decided to become an artist. Essentially self-taught, the artist was able to, from the beginning, bring forth a highly individualist vision, as seen in the uniqueness of his style and use of colors. This trend is seen in his numerous acrylics, watercolors, and serigraphs.

Even with his printmaking, Momodou has not yet leaned to modern technology, pulling only small editions by hand, and without the aid of a mechanized studio. One of his earlier serigraphs entitled "Evening Works" was selected by UNICEF as one of their 1976 designs. Momodou describes his artwork as an exploration of images that inculcate a system of values that are consistent with his culture and heritage. His objective is to take the viewer on a spiritual odyssey that suggests unseen dimensions. 

Major Works
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