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Maimouna Guerresi

Maimouna Guerresi realizes aerial images, delicate and poetic, that never leave indifferent the spectator. She pushes the imagination beyond its limits. "I like the idea of causing some discomfort and to focus my work on the delicious paradoxes of cultural diversity through a largely veiled and mystical body. In my pictures, I represent the mystical character of African muslims. This mysticism inspires me a charismatic greatness. " The subjects and titles of the works refer to the sufism terms and symbols, as an introduction to Islamic spirituality. Maimouna uses three factors to make the emotion possible: color, facial expression and lighting of the subject. The rest of the body is no longer a prisoner of the soul but becomes the space of the Divine. The images show two common characteristics: size and vacuum effect obtained through a gigantic coat. This effect has been conceived and designed by the artist, via an autonomous sculpture (and not in post-processing as some people might think). Only the face, hands and sometimes the feet are visible, like ancient religious icons. "These visible body parts are marked with a white line that interprets a symbol of purification and light." Before designing a work, the artist creates sketches and think in series. "Depending on the case, sometimes a hunch on the spot changes my scene and my initial idea." The protean artist feels the need to express through different techniques, which from time to time, interact with each other. Very often, the three techniques (photography, sculpture and video) are presented together, although Maimouna says she has a preference for photography. She considers Africa and especially Senegal as her second home. "Actually, I have the Senegalese nationality. The characters in my work are mostly Africans, often interpreted by members of my multiethnic family. " Maimouna has exhibited her work all over the world, including the Venice Biennale and Documenta. On the African continent, Maimouna exhibited at the Dakar Biennale in 2004 (off), the first edition of the Biennale in 2006 Malindi (Kenya), the National Museum in Bamako in 2009, the French Culture Institute in Fez in 2011 (Morocco), at the National Museum of Lagos and the Goethe Institute in Dakar in 2012 for the exhibition realized by the curator Awam Amkpa "See you see me African Influence on Contemporary Photography », at the Biennale of Casablanca and the Biennale Dakar in 2014 with "M-eating" an exhibition on the table, the meeting and food. In 2014, the Indian Tasveer Foundation organizes an exhibition of her photographic works at the NationalMuseum in Bahrain. The artist says: "In my career, I was particularly marked by the Rencontres de Bamako in 2009 and Ars 11 in Helsinki where I exhibit with other African artists at the Kiasma Museum. My greatest pride is the purchase of my work of sculpture and video by the Museum of Minneapolis. " Maimouna Guerresi met Mariane Ibrahim, her current gallery owner, at the Conference "Black Portraiture (s)", which took place in Paris in 2013. The American gallery exhibits Maïmouna at the fair at 1:54 London in October 2014and in Volta NY in March 2015. She is currently preparing her next solo show in Seattle in the new Mariane Ibrahim gallery’s. In April, she participated at the "ReSignifications" exhibition organized by curator Awam Ampka in Florence. She then leaves for New York tothe American edition "1:54 Pop-Up" with her gallerist Mariane Ibrahim.
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