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James Muriuki

James Muriuki is a Nairobi based art practitioner who has primarily used photography and lens-based media in his work. His practice constantly revolves around the transition of society through specific objects that are often the extension of personal and communal bearings. His works explore the confluence of inter-dependent happenings in an ever-changing social landscape. He uses forms such as architecture and constructions as visual elements and metaphorical symbols that are an illustration of human capacity, desire and aspirations. He is also interested in experimenting with and investigating the potential of images, specifically photography and motion, video, sound as mediums and processes of making art and ultimately as a knowledge reservoirs and transmission channels. He has curated several exhibitions individually and collaboratively in Nairobi and abroad related to the same subjects/ themes. In the past, he has held positions in management of the arts and has taken a leading role in using photography not only as a medium of complementing other mediums but also as a tool of communication and social transition. James’ work has been exhibited and collected in many countries and included in several publications. He has collaborated with artists, attended residencies and workshops in several countries as well as being a grants recipient. He has been commissioned to use photography in many capacities including training of photographers, development of photography exhibitions, curating and photo installations in commercial and office spaces.

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