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Faten Rouissi

Born in 1967 in Tunis, Faten Rouissi leads in Tunisia and abroad, a life of multidisciplinary artist, university teacher and consultant in design and production of artistic projects. She has participated in events in Algeria (Algiers and Oran), Germany (Berlin, Dresden, Karlsruhe), Egypt (Luxor), Spain (Madrid) and has shown her presence through performances,installations, videos, paintings, happenings, etc. Since 2009, she has been engaged in participatory action between the artist and the citizen. Firmly committed to contemporary art, she defended in 2011 an analysis and research Ph.D. from works by Picabia, Duchamp and Magritte. In February 2011, just after the Tunisian Revolution, she designed and implemented an event publicized in Europe, the US and Asia : "Art in the street - Art in the neighborhood": an artistic intervention on cars burned during the Revolution. In January 2012, she founded the association "24 hours for Contemporary Art" and has designed and conducted in March 2013 the project « From hill to hill » in Tunisia between Sidi Bou Said, Takrouna and Chenini who has made these three places a contemporary art workshop in public space.
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