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Brian Omolo

Brian Omolo is a Graphic Artist born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. He loves to work with abstract ideas, break them down and put them together to tell a story. His style is a mix of hand drawn illustrations and bright colour effects done on the computer. Brian always loved drawing from when he was a child, but he later learned about computer graphics when he went to the Academy of Graphic Technology. He graduated from AGT with a HND diploma in Graphic Design. He then spent 2 years in the UK studying Graphic Art and Digital Illustration and graduated with a degree in Illustration Graphics from Coventry University. Since then he's had two solo exhibitions; one titled Viongozi (a portrait series on the presidential aspirants in the Kenya 2013 elections) and the other Typeface and Heroes (a series of artworks based on creative life experiences and cross cultural upbringing). Brian also works on commissions for book covers and album covers for several artists. He's work is usually inspired by personal experience/lessons or by a desire to do something outside the norm of computer graphics and graphic design.

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