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Jelili Atiku

Jelili is a Nigerian multimedia artist with political concerns for human rights and justice. Through drawing, installation sculpture, photography, video and performance (live art); he strives to help viewers understand the world and expanding their understanding and experiences, so that they can activate and renew their lives and environments.

For over decade, Jelili has put his art at service of the prevailing concerns of our times; especially those issues that threatening our collective existence and the sustenance of our universe. The contents of these concerns ranging from psychosocial and emotional effects of the traumatic events such violence, war, poverty, corruption, climate change, etc., that associated with our warring world have dominate his artistic forms.

Born in 27th September, 1968 in Ejigbo (Lagos), Nigeria, Jelili was trained at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria and University of Lagos, Nigeria – Where he was awarded Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) and Master of Arts (Visual Arts) respectively. He presently teaches sculpture in Department of Art and Industrial Design, Lagos State Polytechnic, Lagos, Nigeria.

He is the project leader of ArtAfrica Nigeria; the artistic Director of AFiRIperFOMA – a collective of performance artists in Africa; and Chief Coordinator of Advocate for Human Rights Through Art (AHRA).

Jelili has travelled widely and participated in numerous performances/exhibitions/talks in Lagos (Nigeria), Tokyo (Japan), Paris (France), Berlin (Germany), Madrid (Spain); Malmo, Copenhagen and Jarna (Sweden); London, Wales, Manchester, Scarborough, York (United Kingdom); Casablanca (Morocco), Accra (Ghana), Harare (Zimbabwe), Limbe and Yaoundé (Cameroun, Kampala, Uganda, etc.

In the summer of 2012, Jelili during his Europe tour collaborated with Helene Aurell (Swedish artist), Nigel Wells (UK/Swedish artist) and PålGunnäs (Norwegian artist) at in the enacteemnet of his performance titled, “In (ut) Flöde” atTrädgårdsparken, Kulturcentrum, Jarna, Sweden. He also had collaborations with Graham Martin at Scarborough, York (United Kingdom); and the TOGYG, the artists group run by Bangor Greadigol, based at The Old Goodsyard, Treborth. North Wales.

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