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Gerald Machona

Gerald Machona is an emerging Zimbabwean born Visual artist with a Bachelors degree in Fine art from the University of Cape Town, which he completed at the Michaelis School of fine arts in 2009.

He has taken part in various group exhibitions; most notably ‘US II’ curated by Bettina Malcomess and Simon Njami at the Iziko South African National Gallery. He is currently pursuing his Masters degree at Rhodes University where he is a recipient of a Mellon foundation scholarship and a researcher for the Visual and performing arts of Africa research team. A team headed by Professor Ruth Simbao and supported by Rhodes University through the Mellon focus area grants. In 2011 he was selected as one of the top 10 emerging young African arts practicing in South Africa, in a publication by Business day South Africa for the Johannesburg Art Fair. Gerald Machona primarily works as a visual artist and uses sculpture, performance, new media and video Installation in his work. The most notable aspect of his work is his innovative use of currency as an aesthetic material.

His research interests are in the convergence of art, performance, culture and heritage in Africa and the experiences of the African-Diaspora.

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