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Angélique Gakoko Pitteloud

Angélique Gakoko Pitteloud was born 1971 in Kigali, Rwanda, the last born of a family of 11. Her parents raised her in a spirit of racial tolerance. Her father helped set up a school for ethnic minorities who were barred from attending public schools by the racist regime of the time. Sadly, violent racism caught up with her during the 1994, genocide when many family members and friends perished and she herself miraculously survived. Angélique has two degrees in social work and Project management from Rwanda and Switzerland. While living in Switzerland she worked for many years for the integration of refugees with the Swiss Red Cross. Angélique is the Ambassador for the SOS Children’s Village in Kenya.

She is now studying the LAMDA (London academy of Music and Dramatic Art) syllabus, specialising in Drama and Communication. In the run-up to the 2013 General Election in Kenya, Angélique was instrumental in producing one of the most successful peace songs entitled “ HAKI YETU” (Our Right to live Together) which was aired on all radio stations. 

Her sad experience of the ethnic divisions and violence has turned Angélique into a dedicated defender of oppressed minorities. Her latest project is an Educational Film Documentary to be shown to all school children, so that they maybe exposed to the dangers of ethnic and tribal divisions at an early age. The Documentary aims at explaining to young children that although we are born into different ethnicities, we must all learn to live peacefully together. This project is very close to her heart and it is her sincere belief that children should grow up without tribal allegiances to separate them, but with a sense of unity and understanding despite their ethnic diversity. Now a Swiss citizen, she lives in Nairobi, Kenya, with her husband and their 9 year old daughter.

Project History:

2014:  Work in progress: Educational Film Documentary aiming at educating primary school children about the dangers of ethnic and tribal division, in hope that they realize that all should live peacefully together.

2014: Appointed Ambassador for SOS Children’s Village in Kenya.

2013: General Election in Kenyan:  Instrumental in producing a song for peace for Kenya: Haki Yetu

2013: Organised First private showing of Kenyan Cartoonists.

Cartoon exhibition Angéllique's Witty World.

2011- ongoing: LAMDA Examinations in Communication and Public speaking (Drama is a personal pleasure only). 

2001- 2010: Red Cross Switzerland:  Integration of refugees.

2008-2009: Swiss Institute for Marketing, Publicity and Communication in Lausanne: Postgraduate degree in Project Management.

1998- 2001: Baccalauréat in French Literature in Fribourg Switzerland

1995 -1997: Studied German in St Gallen, Switzerland.

1994: Fled Rwanda to Switzerland after the Genocide

1987- 1993: Rwanda, Degree in Social Work at Butare Institute for Higher Social Studies

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