Our Ethos

Art Base Africa is a virtual space to discover and learn about contemporary African Art.

ABA's objective is to be a central, active knowledge hub in the growing art community, highlighting the young artistic scene in Africa and the Diaspora. It includes a website and online journal that is published in quarterly thematic issues and features all those artists, galleries, museum and exhibitions who are active and relevant in the contemporary African artistic scene.

ABA also aims at developing a critical debate on internet and create a comprehensive archive and database for the art community around the world.

A multi-layered resource, a provocative, intellectual publication; a dynamic database of contemporary African artists and a resource-hub for those artists to further their careers: ABA is the place where we want to celebrate African art through analysis and criticism.



Editors / Contributors

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Editor in Chief

Azu Nwagbogu

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Fareeda Alithnayan Abdulkareem

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Maria Pia Bernardoni

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Martina Olivetti